The Good relation of children and families

Children cannot be separated from families. We cannot avoid that the happiness sources of a family is children. The existence of children in a family is a must to make a family is complete. It is common to have some problem with our children. It is common too in families’ life. There isn’t abnormal family if the families haven’t problems. Some experts think about the good relation between children and families. How are the ways to maintain the relation in good condition? There are some tips to keep the relation between them become harmonious.

Firstly, it is better to always says “I love you” each other. This is the strong formula to make children and families relationship closely. You better always tell that you love your children every day, forgetting about their age. Second, if you as parents, you have an obligation to teach your children with strong belief. If they are afraid with God, they will respect you as their parents. Teaching them about belief and faith is not easy; you must tell them also why they must have a belief and faith. As good parents you must give time to your children to ask everything to you. You also have obligation to answer it honestly. Third, have a good quality time with your children. There are so many people busy with his or her activities and they forget that they have children that should get your attention. You can provide a good time to play with your children. Don’t ever miss each of your children development, because it will never be right back again. The most important is to really play with them. When you are play with them keep focus to play with them. Enjoy each other, you can also sing or give some jokes.

And the last way to make good relationship between children and families is by having good eat time. It is really important to have togetherness when all family members eat. When you eat together you can have conversation and sharing with your children. Your children will free to talk and share everything. When you have dinner time, it is better to turn off your television or your phone cell. So you will have a great time with your children. Good communication is the key to make it in a good shape. When you look your children happy, you will feel happier too.  

The best solution for counting your baby date: Baby due date calculator

Pregnancy is important moment for women. You will so excite in waiting your baby come to new world. There is a nervously time in waiting when your baby will come to this world. Some new mothers are lack of information about her pregnancy. They seldom know about the real time of her pregnancy, and when the right time to deliver the baby. Some people going to the doctor to check their pregnancy and asking about the right time to deliver their baby. The doctor will check and give the estimation date for you. This is a conventional way that you can try. But in this modern era, people are busy with her activities. The Mothers are usually the workers too. They haven’t lots of time to go to the doctor and do some consultation for lots of hours. If you are an active worker mother, you better try this method. You better try to use baby due date calculator. It is a simple tool. This tool will be useful to identify the old of your pregnancy and the expected date of delivery your baby.

Baby due date calculator’s method is very simple. Now, you can surf in internet and there are so many websites offers baby due date calculator. You can fill in the last date of your menstruation, your averages length of cycles, and averages luteal phase length. The tool will calculate quickly. And here there are the results, you will get estimated conception, estimated date, and estimated fetal age.

By using baby due date calculator, you can easy calculate your pregnancies’ age. This tool also helps you to know when your baby’s heart first beating. This tool also shows the dangerous week for you. So you can prevent your pregnancy. Some mothers don’t know about premature sign and the dangerous of premature birth. Using this tool, you can know more about your pregnancy condition and viability of your baby. So you can prevent your baby from premature birth. It will become a great happiness, if you can give your baby chance to survive in healthy condition. The right time to deliver your baby will be on your hand by using this tool. Going to the doctor to check your next step will help you to deliver your baby safe. Knowing the right time will help you to escape from nervous and confuse. So, it’s time to be a ready mother. 

The Effect of caffeine during pregnancy


First pregnancy will become a special gift from God for all of women. There is a marvelous moment, when you get your first pregnancy. Feeling a great happiness, all mother hopes that the baby will be born healthy and strong. Keeping the fetal still healthy, you should leave bad habits such as, drinking alcohol, smoking, and consuming too much caffeine. What is the relation between caffeine and pregnancy? Why is it so important to be known by you as a mother? Decreasing caffeine in mothers’ food or drink is very important.

Caffeine is a kind of drug that can make mother addicted to it. If a mother consuming caffeine in large amounts, it will be dangerous for her fetal. Caffeine can give some bad effect to mothers’ fetal. Why caffeine is become so dangerous? Caffeine becomes so dangerous when it pass your placenta. Your baby will be easy absorbed this substance. If it is absorbed by your baby, the chemical will be absorbed too in your baby’s blood. It will disturb your baby development. If it is continue for a long period, it will be so dangerous. Caffeine also can increase your baby’s heart rate. The baby’s heart rate which is unstable will effect on your baby’s movement in the uterus. Another effect of caffeine for your baby is disturbing the absorption of the nutrition for your baby. Your baby can not effectively absorb the nutrition from you. When it happens for a long period, your baby will lack of nutrition.

Caffeine and pregnancy become two opposite things. You as a mother should know how to make them walk into a harmony. The way is by cutting the dosage of your caffeine.  Drinking caffeine in safe dosage will not attack your baby development. Reducing the dosage of caffeine become important since caffeine is an addictive drug. An addictive drug can make you overdose. So, if you are coffee lovers or tea lovers, it is better to cut your coffee or tea dosage. It is important to keep your baby strong and healthy. Increasing exercise regularly also will keep you and your baby in fit condition. Drinking lots of water rather than drinking lots of caffeine will help you to keep your fatigue. If you are a good mother and want your baby strong and healthy it better to find the information about caffeine and pregnancy relationship, so you will get knowledge to prevent your baby. 


Understanding Maple Syrup Urine Syndrome

When we talk about drinks, there are many selections of drinks that you can choose. While some people prefer soft drinks, the others probably prefer natural syrup when thirsty. Maple syrup is undoubtedly a delicious kind of drink. It has the color and odor of burned sugar or known as caramel. It smells definitely nice and inviting. From the smell, you may be sure that maple syrup must be as sweet as sugar, too. However, this will be turned upside down when the topic is not about drinks, instead it about urine. Among the many diseases characterized by the unusual urine, the urine that looks and smells like maple syrup should be treated seriously. You can imagine if the color and the odor of the maple syrup is found in urine.

The problem with the urine that has the name maple syrup urine syndrome, what this is about and what foods should be watched out will be discussed below. This urine problem is a metabolic disorder occurred to inborn. This means that it is a heritable disease which is characterized by the inability of the body to process one or more specific substances that are important to someone’s health. Diagnosed with maple syrup urine syndrome, someone does not have sufficient enzyme complex which is needed to break down the three branched-chain amino acids. If these enzymes either are not present or do not work appropriately, the brain will be damaged. As mentioned above, this is a genetic disease, which means each of the parents has a gene for the disease to appear. A baby with this disorder owns two same kinds of the altered gene; the mother and the father contribute one gene each.

The amount of leucine in the blood obtained through a blood test can determine whether a person suffers from this maple syrup urine syndrome or not. To confirm the diagnosis, further testing to measure the amount and type of enzyme activity is carried out. It is proven that numerous unexpected effects of maple syrup urine syndrome can be avoided through early detection and rapid treatment. Once a person is diagnosed with this disease, he must strive to avoid the foods that are high in protein, such as meat of all types (both white and red one), all kinds of dairy and its products, all kinds of nuts and beans, and eggs. Monitoring what one can eat will definitely help a person prevent the disease from getting worse.