The Good relation of children and families

Children cannot be separated from families. We cannot avoid that the happiness sources of a family is children. The existence of children in a family is a must to make a family is complete. It is common to have some problem with our children. It is common too in families’ life. There isn’t abnormal family if the families haven’t problems. Some experts think about the good relation between children and families. How are the ways to maintain the relation in good condition? There are some tips to keep the relation between them become harmonious.

Firstly, it is better to always says “I love you” each other. This is the strong formula to make children and families relationship closely. You better always tell that you love your children every day, forgetting about their age. Second, if you as parents, you have an obligation to teach your children with strong belief. If they are afraid with God, they will respect you as their parents. Teaching them about belief and faith is not easy; you must tell them also why they must have a belief and faith. As good parents you must give time to your children to ask everything to you. You also have obligation to answer it honestly. Third, have a good quality time with your children. There are so many people busy with his or her activities and they forget that they have children that should get your attention. You can provide a good time to play with your children. Don’t ever miss each of your children development, because it will never be right back again. The most important is to really play with them. When you are play with them keep focus to play with them. Enjoy each other, you can also sing or give some jokes.

And the last way to make good relationship between children and families is by having good eat time. It is really important to have togetherness when all family members eat. When you eat together you can have conversation and sharing with your children. Your children will free to talk and share everything. When you have dinner time, it is better to turn off your television or your phone cell. So you will have a great time with your children. Good communication is the key to make it in a good shape. When you look your children happy, you will feel happier too.  

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